Arrre ya kidding? You can't keep a pirate down for long! Capt Awake is back with pics, articles, etc of his piratical escapades at PirateEvent.com so check it out!!!



I was wondering for the longest possible time what to do with Skulled.com but I know what what to do with it.... A Website Fit for a Pirate King!



Clay Moss and I have been working on the British Arctic Territory Website. It's been pretty exciting.
Also bought BritishArctic.com to make it easier for others to remember (shorter domain).

#7 of about 43,800,000 for west malaysia


West-Malaysia.com is now #7 of about 43,800,000 for west malaysia on Google.

Exciting stuff.

Your Posts Might Be Worth RM200


my-malaysia.info/forum and ejrs.com/forum have been organizing a competition “Article of the Month” on its forum respectively that entitles you to win cash money of USD50 or RM200.

It all started when Jeremy, the owner of both forumes and EJRS Networking stumbled upon my blog through PPS when I pinged this entry – “Best Chendol in Malacca”. He told me about the competition and encouraged me to contribute my articles to the forum. I hesitated because who would give out RM200 and how is it possible to win RM200 by just contributing an article?

I submitted an article – “Ayam Percik” to the forum and I didn’t bother about it anymore until one day, Jeremy messaged me on MSN Messenger.

“Dude, your article was voted as article of the month for July. You won RM200. Can you give me your bank account? I will bank in the money to you tomorrow.”

The next day, I got my RM200. I couldn’t believe it until I saw the extra RM200 in my bank account statement. Since then, I have contributed a few more articles and I have won the competition for the month of September with "Satay Celup" and November with "Satay and Char Kuey Teow" respectively. I earned a freaking RM600 by just writing a few articles on food.

my-malaysia.info/forum as its name implies, is a forum for anything that happens in Malaysia. You can write about food, cultures, people, places, games or anything that has relationship to Malaysia. As for ejrs.com/forum, it has a more general topic such as computers, movies, entertainment news, loves, technology, gadgets, cars, houses or anything under the sun.

The objective behind these two competitions is to gather as much information / articles about Malaysia and on-goings in Malaysia. When a certain amount of articles is reached, Jeremy will publish the articles on http://ejrs.info and http://malaysiana.biz or one of the other projects, and anyone on the cyberspace will get to read them. Eventually, people will get to know Malaysia better because Malaysians and non-Malaysians write these articles. It is like promoting Malaysia through writings.

However, there is only 1 simple rule. The article must be original. You are not allowed to copy your blog posts and submit it. You may use the same topic but not the same article.

For each and every article you have submitted, it is automatically considered part of the competition for any month. For example, if you have submitted an article in January 2005, the same article can be the winner for January 2006. Therefore, the more articles you submit, the higher your winning chances are.

If you think you can write better than me, which I think there are many people out there, please contribute your article in order to win the cash money. RM200 might be a little for some people out there, but it definitely helps a lot of people, especially students like me.

A message from the organizer, Jeremy :

Thank you Jason for doing the writeup for me.

I want it to be unconstrained by time so even if you wrote 1 year or 2 years ago it will still be eligible for the contest money. I just want to help people who love writing to be able to earn some extra pocket money.

I am sponsoring RM200 x 2 contests a month at http://my-malaysia.info/forum and RM200 x 1 contest a month at http://ejrs.com/forum so send in as many articles as you can write. I have plans to increase the contests to weekly and then daily. It all depends on the volume of articles so do write. The more you write the more chances to win.

Best wishes and much success.

P/S :

my-malaysia.info is a bi-monthly competition while ejrs.com/forum is a monthly contest.

Lets hope I won't regret this. The more participants there are, the lower my chances of winning. -sniff sniff-



I have added a lot of Christmas info such as foods eaten by people around the world on chritmas, christmas songs, etc at ChristmasDays.com
I've also scored
ChristmasDays.com :: Merry Christmas & Happy new Year

Ejrs.com # 171 of 11,400,000 listings for "Webhosting"


This is pretty exciting. EJRS.COM is now # 171 of about 11,400,000 listings for webhosting. Pretty exciting stuff.

All About A Girl...


This is so funny - I found out that one of the gals LCF brought to the Bloggers meet was someone I had met in 2003 at the botanical gardens.

Back then a friend of mine was in an environmental organization and they were "going green" so they had their World Environment Day. She asked if I could assist her with henna tattoo.

There was this bunch of cute girls there selling beads and friendship bands etc. We took a few pics and chatted a lot. Then that was the end of that.

Back to the Blog Meet...

I chatted up the gal whom LCF had dragged along despite her not being a blogger. I was rather surprised she readily gave me her email and info. And today about 3 hours ago I saw her name on MSN Messenger and said hi. After chatting awhile she said I looked familiar (When a guy says that to a gal it's a cheesy pick up line) and after asking more questions we found out we had met back then..

So we've decided to meet up again one of these days.

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